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A Portable Document Format shortly known as PDF is widely used for sending the documents with better security. PDF file involves texts, fonts and graphical representations which help for sending messages depending on the needs. It is really a challenging one to make changes in PDF format files and many software products are available for this purpose to meet exact needs. At the same time, it is highly imperative to do a comprehensive research on all the available PDF editing software products and choose the best one amongst them. Nowadays, PDF eraser software is becoming a popular one as it helps for carrying out various types of PDF-based tasks easily. One can edit as well as copy and print PDF files with the support of this software.

PDFEraser.net has launched their new software product named PDF Eraser, an eraser tool that comes as a freeware which can erase or delete all the unnecessary information that you want to remove from your PDF documents. PDF Eraser is a Windows-based application, which helps the users delete all unwanted elements like images, texts, logos and every other kind of objects that make your PDF documents overly bulky.

Since this PDF erasing software works professionally for Windows users, deleting PDF documents information with PDF Eraser becomes easy. With this free Pdferaser software what all the users need to do is deleting the objects they which are unnecessary. The best part of it is that there is no requirement of modifying any of the information stored on the same PDF file. It does remove the unnecessary elements without making any change in the quality of your PDF documents.

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In some cases, there might be a need for removing entire pages from a set of PDF documents. Pdferaser software has made it easy for you as you can also delete those extra pages by using PDF Eraser. Moreover other than deleting PDF pages from the documents it also gives the option to add your own selected objects to the PDF documents, wherever and whenever you want. No matter how many times you delete or add information in the PDF documents you can be rest assured of its secured performance which is totally free of cost.

Features of PDF eraser

PDF Eraser as a professional tool does not only erase or remove unnecessary elements from a PDF file or page, but has got much more in its features to offer:

1. Addition and Deletion of Information in any PDF file

Adding and deleting unwanted information from PDF documents is the first and foremost feature of PDF Eraser, but in addition to it, you can customise your pdf pages by inserting or removing objects like images, tags, logos, testimonials and many more to get the desired output in your final PDF file according to your wish.

2. Rotate PDF pages

To bring your PDF files to the correct page orientation for better visibility and presentation, PDF Eraser has enabled the option to rotate PDF pages to the correct orientation.

3. PDF Page Cutter

Use the built-in PDF Page Cutter of the Pdferaser to delete or remove unwanted pages from a set of documents. PDF Eraser has a built-in PDF Page Cutter that allows users to delete all the unnecessary PDF pages at one go. When you have a load of scanned PDF documents, there can be a necessity to clean up your document and streamline it with only relevant information. In case of repetitions and other irrelevant occurrences, PDF Page cutter makes it all easy to get rid of them in simple steps of two clicks.

4. Customized Tool Size

You can simply load a small, medium or large sized eraser tool as per your requirement to remove the irrelevant parts of your PDF document. You can choose to erase an entire text block, images or only a part of them.

PDF Eraser download

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PDF Eraser Features

  • Delete PDF Text Easily
  • Erase PDF Images
  • Add Your Text to PDF
  • Place Your Images to PDF
  • Cut PDF Pages
  • Customize Eraser Size