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How to Remove Information in a PDF File?

PDF documents are unique in their properties, unlike the other document formats. Their uneditable layout makes them the best candidate for online transfer. For instance, a PDF never loses its layout and formatting if you send it from iOS to Windows or Android. This fixed feature makes PDF documents truly portable and suitable for sensitive information sharing. However, general users oppose the uneditable nature of the PDFs. Most users believe that PDF documents must have a limited editing option for removing typos and other mistakes.

Can You White Out a PDF?

In real life, it's relatively easy to white out a document physically. Take a fluid pen, rub it over the mistakes, and you are done. However, PDF white-out is not that simple. You need the right PDF tool to remove the unwanted texts and images from a PDF in its online form. The surprising thing is that evergreen Adobe Acrobat is not the right choice for making edits in a PDF. You have to find a third-party app that supports your idea of PDF white-out.

PDF Eraser Windows App

The PDF Eraser app is one of the highly sophisticated PDF tools that successfully removes both the text and the images from a PDF. Its specialized graphic and text removal tools enable users to edit their PDFs quickly. Furthermore, the additional features such as PDF Page Cutter and Page Rotate give PDF editing a professional edge.

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Top Features of the PDF Eraser App

PDF Eraser tool provides an easy interface to its users for making quick edits in PDFs. No technical knowledge is required to use the PDF Eraser app.

1. Clean Installation

Any app that risks the security of its user data is better to be left alone. As a professional PDF tool with thousands of users worldwide, the PDF Eraser team works tirelessly to keep your data safe. You can download the PDF Eraser app from the PDF Eraser download page. PDF Eraser is an offline tool, and it does not send your data to the server.

2. Pro Version

The upgraded Pro version works better than the free version. It has unlocked premium features, and you can use it for commercial purposes as well. Furthermore, you will also have the facility of 24/7 assistance to give you the best user experience. Above all, the pro version has a lifetime license. Pay one time and use PDF Eraser unlimited.

3. Works Perfect on Text and Images

PDF Eraser tool gives you the right tools to white-out your PDF file. Do you remember using Microsoft Paint? The Delete Area tool, which removes the text, works exactly like the Drawing tool of Microsoft Paint. Similarly, the Eraser tool of the PDF Eraser app works like the Microsoft Paint eraser. Both the Delete Area and Eraser tool fill the selected text and image with white space.

4. PDF Page Cutter and Rotate Page

The PDF Eraser tool has the additional PDF Page Cutter, and Page Rotate features. These features help you to cut unnecessary PDF pages and change the orientation of PDF pages. PDF Page Cutter and Page Rotate are available in both the free and paid versions.

PDF Eraser Tool User Guide

PDF can be edited if you have a practical PDF tool like the PDF Eraser. Let us teach you the quick usage of the PDF Eraser app.

Text Removal in a PDF

1. Use the "Open PDF" button and open your PDF document in the PDF Eraser app.

2. Choose the page number from the Page List for the text removal.

3. Now, draw a field around the text you want to remove using the "Delete Area" tool. The unwanted text would be white out.

4. Use the "Save PDF" option and finalize the changes in the PDF document.

Graphic Removal in a PDF

1. Upload your PDF document in the PDF Eraser app by using the "Open PDF" button.

2. To white out the useless images, select the Eraser tool in small, medium, or large sizes. Now, move the eraser tool over the images you want to white-out. The image would be covered in a white mark.

3. Lastly, use the "Save PDF" option to finalize the changes in the PDF. The deleted images would not appear in the edited PDF.

Note: Delete Area tool and Eraser tool are designed for text and image white-out, respectively.

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If you want to white out PDF file content on Mac OS, please check PDF Editor Mac.

PDF Eraser Features

  • Delete PDF Text Easily
  • Erase PDF Images
  • Add Your Text to PDF
  • Place Your Images to PDF
  • Cut PDF Pages
  • Customize Eraser Size